May 2019


Travelers Hit “Bumps in the Road” as 
Major Airlines Experience Widespread Downtime Issues

Travelling is stressful in and of itself. When traveling, you commonly get to look forward to long lines for checking in your luggage, longer lines to weave your way through security (while waiting for the people in front of you to get their shoes back on), and trying to time everything just right so that you can make it to your gate on time to board your flight without waiting at that gate for hours. Widespread downtime that could cause delays and add stress to the travel experience are not something that any traveler wants to deal with.


So, Your Hosting Provider Offers Uptime Statistics? Why You Still Need a Quality Website Monitoring Service.

Literally anyone who owns or operates a website has come to understand the importance of maximizing uptime and keeping track of your website’s downtime and performance. However, as almost all hosting services are now including uptime statistics in their plans, some people have fallen to believe that the need for partnership with a quality website downtime monitoring service is no longer a necessity. This faulty logic couldn’t be further from the truth, however.