About Alertra Spot Check

Spot Check™ provides an easy way to demonstrate how we check from multiple locations and is also a good way to assess the current status of a Web server. The text or other data specified by the URL is loaded according to RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1). Both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL over HTTP) protocols are supported.

Enter a URL in the "Spot Check Enter URL:" section near the top of any page on our site and click the "check" button. Our system will begin checking the URL from each of our monitoring locations. The results page will refresh automatically until the check is complete.

Check Results
The results include a timestamp for the check, the location checked from, the result of the check, amount of data received in kilobytes (KBytes), the response time in seconds (Secs), and the transfer rate in kilobits per second (Kbps). Since the transfer rate is derived from the amount of data received and the response time, it measures the speed of the connection to an extent, but is also heavily influenced by the response time of the server being queried.

Check Details
SpotCheck makes the detailed results of each check available just by clicking the check timestamp. This allows you to see exactly which errors were encountered and any other information the protocol provides, including any headers and the first 1024 bytes of data.