The world’s easiest website monitoring service, including phone call and SMS alerts.

Alertra delivers fast alerts for website downtime, enables advanced visibility into response performance, and provides flexible options for integration.

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“Just a note to say thank you. You really do have the very best service out there. Bravo.”
John Brogan, Global IntelliSystems

Only Alertra has
Synapse - Always On Tech

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When an outage or slowdown occurs, you’ll be the first to know.

We check your websites, servers and routers 24/7, from all around the world, to make absolutely sure they’re working like they should.

At Alertra, we are industry innovators. We’ve done the hard work of designing a robust, scalable solution to ensure you get alerted on time, every time. Our innovative Alertra Synapse™ technology can detect hard connection failures, equipment lockups and operating system failures within seconds. Nobody else does that. We don’t cache name server lookups either. That means we figure out something’s wrong with your authoritative name server right away, instead of waiting for your TTL (time-to-live) to expire, which could be days.

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Pricing as simple as it gets

Start with your 30 day, risk free trial. After that, our pricing is as simple as it gets. There are no tricky bundles or levels, just pay for what you need. Simple.

We start with a minimum monthly fee of $9.95. Select all the services you require. If your selection adds up to $9.95 or less, you’re good to go! If your selection is more, you’ll only pay for what you’re using.

 Choose URLs to monitor

Monitor any URL for 20¢ per month. That’s 50 URLs for $10!

 Choose your notifications

Notification Type Fee (Per Notification Sent)
iOS/Android Push Free
E-Mail Free
Google Talk / XMPP Free
Phone Call 0.29
SMS Text Message 0.19

That’s it! You’re protected by the world’s most sophisticated uptime monitoring system.

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“The service that we have been receiving from Alertra the past months has been outstanding! Keep up the excellent work!”
Roger B., OpenAir

What they’re saying

“Thanks Alertra!!! For over a year you have helped notify us of possible network trouble which has increased our overall customer satisfaction due to increased server uptime.”
Robert B., GWDHosting

There’s a lot riding on your website uptime. Go with the people who know what they’re doing.