Website monitoring you can rely on.

We check your servers and routers continuously, ensuring that you are the first to know when an outage or slowdown occurs.

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Detect hard connection failures, equipment lockups, and operating system failures within seconds

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How It Works

Every few seconds we request a response from your server

We conduct a rigorous protocol test at your preferred monitoring interval

If one of our stations detects a problem, we check again from two more locations

If you’re down, we notify you by call, text, email or page

Optional Service
We then switch your DNS to a backup server for as long as the site is down

That's the power of Alertra and Webhooks.

Website Monitoring Services & Uptime Tracking

Alertra’s easy to use website monitoring service, including phone and SMS alerts, keep you in the know when it comes to website outages or slowdowns. We check your websites, website uptime, servers and routers from all around the world to verify they’re working as they should. Our website monitoring service works while you sleep, 24/7!

Try Alertra’s website monitoring service featuring innovative Alertra Synapse™ technology.