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We check your servers and routers continuously, ensuring that you are the first to know when an outage or slowdown occurs

Detect hard connection failures, equipment lockups, and operating system failures within seconds.

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Website Monitoring Services & Uptime Tracking

Alertra’s easy to use website monitoring service, including phone and SMS alerts, keeps you in the know when it comes to website outages or slowdowns. We check your websites, website uptime, servers and routers from all around the world to verify they’re working as they should. Our service works while you sleep, 24/7!

Try Alertra’s website monitoring service featuring innovative Alertra Synapse™ technology.

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With remote work and the use of personal devices on the rise, the potential for a cyber-attack on your business is growing.

Is your network secure?

We perform comprehensive security assessments and penetration tests on your network to expose gaps or vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

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We’ve made the process of uptime tracking of your website easy for you with our robust and scalable solutions. We are problem-solvers by nature, and we notify you 75% faster than the competition anytime your server experiences a network connectivity issue. We use intuitive systems, as well as simple payment methods, and you begin with a 30-day, risk free trial.

Being the first to know when an outage or slowdown occurs gives you the advantage, and our mission is to ensure you get outstanding customer support that is fast and straightforward. We provide innovative services for global server monitoring and we make the process easy for you. All day, everyday we are on the clock, checking your websites to ensure servers and routers are working seamlessly, so your website runs as it was designed to.