Website monitoring stations

Region Location IP Address
Asia/PacificBangalore IND139.59.21.41
Asia/PacificSingapore SGP128.199.179.40
EuropeAmsterdam NLD146.185.162.159
EuropeAthens GRC31.22.112.72
EuropeFrankfurt DEU46.101.128.234
EuropeLondon GBR83.136.69.132
EuropeRotterdam NLD5.104.224.43
EuropeStockholm SWE94.185.85.178
EuropeStrasbourg FRA91.121.79.44
North AmericaChicago USA162.251.60.118
North AmericaLos Angeles USA216.18.216.170
North AmericaNew Jersey USA178.128.158.98
North AmericaNew York City USA162.243.30.67
North AmericaSan Francisco USA192.241.197.101
North AmericaToronto CAN159.203.5.198


We observe websites from multiple servers placed across different regions around the globe. When website monitoring services have servers at one location, there will be less possibility of continuous monitoring of websites. Often, when issues happen such as power outage at that place, your site will not be watched for downtime issues. Your website remains unprotected for as long as it takes to resolve the situation. This is why it is important to have a website monitoring service that has multiple servers in multiple server locations.

Our website monitoring service locations:

Our monitoring service has servers spread out across the country (or even the globe) to ensure that if one server or location is down, the others will not be affected. Your site will be monitored automatically from another server location to receive continuous monitoring coverage. Our monitoring service keeps a watch on your site’s uptime 24 hours a day, and checks your site as often as every few second to make sure that your site is up and available for your customers, functioning properly at all times.

Web Server Logs

If you need to filter our monitoring station traffic from your web server logs there are several ways to do it. The easiest might be to filter based on the "User Agent". Our monitoring stations all send the same "User Agent" string with each request. You can filter any requests from your logs that includes this "User Agent".

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