July 2018


Is Amazon Ready for Prime Day? Why Both Big and Little Guys Need Website Monitoring Service

Amazon’s famous Prime Day, which boasts deals that equal or surpass those found on Black Friday, is coming mid-month. Sources are saying deals will start July 16th and run through July 17th this year. In years past, customers have had frustration with slow-loading pages, while other pages did not load at all. Not only does this cause Amazon to lose sales on one of its biggest days of the year, but it causes serious frustration for customers in an “I want it now” mindset who feel that they are missing out on a limited-time deal.


A Tale of Two Websites: 
An Example of Two Very Different Instances of Website Downtime

Over the years we’ve discussed, in depth, why a website monitoring service is essential to the success of your business and why website downtime can be your business’s worst enemy. If you host your website on your own servers, you can take measures that others who use a hosting provider cannot. However, even those who use a web hosting service to host their websites should not be left feeling vulnerable and completely in the dark when things do go awry.