3 Major Website Monetization Mistakes You Must Avoid

You have a website. You have been maintaining it since a long time. However, you hadn’t tried to monetize it. You have developed your website long enough and attracted a large amount of traffic. So, the next thing you want to do is to monetize the website.

Monetizing a website isn’t a difficult task. And there are several ways to monetize your website. However, this does not mean that you will always end up in the right path. Instead, you may find yourself doing all the hard work and yet, not earning much from your website despite its great content and popularity. This would be because of making common website monetization mistakes.

Want to Know Why These Monetization Mistakes Happen?

There are a few common mistakes that you might commit while trying to monetize your website. These errors are surely going to make the process of monetizing your website less effective. Hence, it’s important to avoid these major website monetizing mistakes to ensure that you earn a good amount of money from your website.

Here’s a quick look at some of the major website monetizing mistakes.

Leaving Too Much Space for Advertisements

When you’re planning to earn from your website through advertisements, there is always a tendency to focus on maximizing the earnings. And while doing that, you may end up trying to publish the maximum number of advertisements on your website. The result: you allocate a high percentage of your webpage for advertisements. This deteriorates the user experience on your website and distracts the readers when they’re trying to read the content of your website. Hence, it is always a good idea to use the space of your webpage prudently and avoid reserving excessive amount of space for advertisements.

Allowing Too Many Pop-ups for Ads

When you have a website, the most important thing that you must consider is the user experience. If the user experience of the visitors is compromised, your website is sure to perform poorly. Remember, majority of the traffic to your website these days come from mobile devices. Hence, while planning how to monetize your website, you must consider avoiding the pop ups for ads. These pop ups cannot be dealt with properly while using the mobile devices and hence, impact user experience in a negative way. Besides, they also increases the wait time for the viewers to get a glance of your actual webpage, which can result in higher bounce rate.

Breaking Up The Content and Interrupting The Reading Experience

When you're trying to monetize your website, one of the most convenient ways of doing it is to go for ads. However, ensure that the advertisements don't result in poor delivery of content to your audience. For example, at times, the high number of advertisements can force you to break a single paragraph of content into separate chunks of text. And you can even do that by breaking up the content across a number of pages. However, it's not the right thing to do, as the readers may find it difficult to read the content, which is presented in such a manner on your website. Further, the problem will magnify as the bounce rate of your website will increase, thus causing the site's poor performance on the search engine results pages.

Avoiding Major Mistakes for Superior Website Monetization

When you’re running a website, the focus must be on providing a good user experience. And this focus has to be maintained even when you’re monetizing your website. Besides, you must avoid the common website monetization mistakes to make good revenue.