7 Reasons for Using a Website Monitoring Service

Does your business need monitoring of its online presence? Whether you realize it or not, the answer is in the affirmative for all businesses. As far as technology is concerned, web monitoring involves any activity related to a website or web services to keep track of its performance and functionality. It includes factors such as whether the pages are loading smoothly or the contents are showing properly and quickly. The goal being to make everyone’s web experience a smooth one.

Still not satisfied? Here is a quick look at the reasons why website monitoring is must.

Keeping Your Users Smiling:

Loyal customers may be using your website for years. In the past, these loyal customers have got used to your products or services because their needs are being met on your website in a superior manner. But if they start having poor user experience with your website due to downtime and site performance issues, they’ll get annoyed and you may risk losing their loyalty as well as their business.

Boosting Brand Reputation:

In today’s world, your website is the face of your organization. And it should be available 24X7 because your customers need constant accessibility to your product which will help you to grow your brand’s market. But if someone suddenly checks your website from anywhere in the world to get a view of your product and your website is not working fine, they may not come back to your site again.

Stopping Loss of Revenue:

If your company is an online business provider, this should be your utmost concern. If your website’s performance is poor and it’s taking too much time to load the pages and perform the required operations, a potential customer will go elsewhere, perhaps to a competitor. Consequently, the flow of revenue will be declined.

Prevent or Resolve Downtime Caused by Hacking:

Maybe your website is experiencing downtime. Hacking is one of the most potential causes behind website downtime. A hacker can cause downtime by installing a malicious code to negatively affect your website’s uptime. Web monitoring is the best way to keep a constant vigil to track or recover from downtime to your website from these types of nuisance.

Staying Ahead of Competitors:

Darwin’s theory holds true in business too! You can’t survive in this competitive world unless you are the fittest. Web monitoring always keeps you aware of your site fitness with respect to uptime and site performance. If you cannot match and exceed the standards vis-à-vis your competitors with respect to website uptime and performance, it may result in degradation of your position in the market.

Maintaining Decent Search Engine Rankings:

Google monitors a website’s downtime. And if your website is experiencing regular downtime then you’ll find your site drop way behind in Google’s search ranking results. Your Google ranking decline may end up as a huge setback for your business. Web monitoring will help avoid such a situation by tracking downtime and thus aiding is early restoration of website uptime.

Getting a 360-degree View of Your Website Users:

It is very important that you are aware of what your users are experiencing in reality when they are accessing your site; keeping tab on whether the site is slow, pages are loading quickly and properly, are they satisfied while operating the site, and so on is essential. Web monitoring will keep you aware of such issues to keep your business maintain its success story.

If you are already not doing so, the smartest thing you could do to help your business would be to immediately start using a comprehensive web monitoring service.