Benefits of Using Website Monitoring

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you know that every second of website downtime or its slow performance could impact your brand and money. With the increased number of people turning to your site either to purchase or get information, it is essential that your web-site is not only up and running but also is delivering good performance. 

A key tool for business owners to ensure uptime and good site performance is to use a website monitoring service. The services allow you to monitor any problems that may arise with your site and respond to it promptly. The danger of not using website monitoring service, is that you may not be aware of downtime or degradation of performance for long periods of time and this causes delay in restoring uptime. This results in the users unnecessarily experiencing downtime or degradation in site performance for a much longer time.

There are several website monitoring service providers. However, you may expect certain important features from the better providers. The services you can expect from a good website monitoring solution are as follows:

Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring of uptime is the most important function that all the providers track. However, you have to see how often web monitoring providers are looking at your site and from how many locations. Many service providers have servers worldwide to check availability of your site from different locations.  Once downtime is noticed for your web site then you are alerted, this helps you to quickly start resolving the issue causing the downtime. The early alert enables you to reduce the time period your site is down. This is the primary benefit of website monitoring

Website Monitoring Helps Improve Page Load Speeds

Internet users are impatient. They may leave your site even if it takes a second longer to load.  By using the web monitoring services, you will learn how long your pages are taking to load. You can also discover the individual loading time of each component of your web-site. You can use the data provided by the web-site monitoring services to improve the page load speeds

Website Monitoring Helps Optimize Site Performance

A good solution would allow you to monitor possible scenarios of user traffic and the behavior of the site to such situations. This simulated monitoring will help to estimate the total number of visitors your site can handle without deterioration of performance. You can use the simulated monitoring to plan your hosting requirements. Further, this service helps to assess the performance of the networking and server equipment as well as the speed of the internet connections to the webserver.

Apart from customer retention, there are several other benefits of using a website monitoring solution. They range from reducing shopping cart abandonment to enhancing security of the site. It also makes sense to check the website monitoring performance reports before launching a marketing campaign to ensure the visitors have a good user experience. While implementing a web monitoring service your ultimate goal is to ensure there are no issues on your site that can turn away visitors.