Benefits of Website Image Optimization

Images play a very crucial role in communicating the message to your customers. Pictures not only help to convey a clear idea about the products that your business has to offer but they also help in generating interest about the company in the minds of your target customers. There are many types of businesses where using powerful images is a must, such as travel, real estate, media and ecommerce. It has been found that a large volume of a website’s positive impact rests on the images.

Having great images that take forever to load is of no use. Your visitors may simply abandon the site and move to another website. Therefore, it is necessary to choose images that have small file sizes without losing on image quality as that can help in improving your site loading time.

The process of optimization of web images can be described as a process of coming up with high quality images that are presented in right format, size, dimension and resolution and still maintaining the smallest possible size. This process of image optimization may be achieved by a number of ways, such as resizing the images and compressing or caching the image sizes. There are also image optimization tools that can be used for effectively optimizing the images with the help of smart and intelligent compression algorithms. Popular websites are often equipped with a worldwide content delivery network that can help in enhancing website performance in a major way.

There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider using image optimization techniques.

  • One of the main reasons for using image optimization techniques is certainly  to improve the page loading speed. While there are many factors that impact the page loading speed, the image size and weight is one of the most important ones of them all. It is important to note that pages that load in less than two seconds time are said to have maximum popularity among users.
  • When you optimize the images of your websites, it is going to load a lot faster and this will naturally cause positive impression of the website in the minds of the visitors.  A site that loads quickly on all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers invariably offers an excellent online user experience to the customers. Once you have worked on speeding up you website, you can find a greater level of visitor satisfaction with your site.  
  • Another major benefit of choosing to optimize your site’s images is that it allows you to have improved SEO rankings.  
  • By having your site load rather quickly, you encourage your target customers to visit your website more frequently and benefit from their business.
  • Good site speed is important for facilitating online transactions. Improved site loading speed has a direct correlation to greater conversion rates. It has been found time and again that better site speeds can increase the number of sales obtained within a given time period. Once you enhance the loading speed of your website, you can find more people are choosing to visit your site regularly for buy the products that you have to offer.