Creating Faster Websites and Website Monitoring for a Global Business

In today’s Internet and cloud enabled global society, plenty of businesses operate their websites to serve large parts of the world. This is particularly true for business organizations that are related to online apps and other web based services especially SaaS. 

When you have got a business that functions globally, you will naturally have customers who will access your business from numerous geographical locations. In some cases, for sites that appeal to audiences across multiple countries, the websites may need to have option for multiple languages and maybe even some location specific content to address the needs of the users from that region. More importantly, it is good to have the website working faster across various regions as that has a host of advantages. Faster websites rank better, higher ranks help improve click-through rates and have potential to boost sales conversions. In such cases, it can be quite challenging for the business owners to come up with high performance websites that load fast all over the world. High performance web sites does happen by simply wishing for that benefit, the site must be thoroughly optimized for ensuring better performance and speed. Business establish a positive brand reputation if their websites work faster and offer good user experience for customers who are visiting the website from the various parts of the world.

However, there are certain challenges to the goal of delivering high performance website experience. Just because people all over the world can browse the internet, it does not enable the visitors from all parts of the globe to access the website and experience fast loading and good site performance. While the website may function perfectly at some place, the same website can deliver slow loading experience at some other part of the world. Therefore the performance of a website can greatly differ from one location to another. Sometimes the issues experienced by internet users in a specific part of the world may be due to issues with local internet service providers or there may be due to more ‘hops’ taken by data packets while communicating with the web server. In order to ensure positive browsing experience for customers worldwide, it is necessary for business owners to aim for the site offering optimum web-site performance from many global locations instead of only one specific region of the world.   

Usually, most online businesses make use of free website monitoring tools that can be used for testing from a single location. However, such tools only inform the site owners whether the website is working with speed from a single location. Further, it is difficult for free site monitoring tool providers to offer reliable site monitoring service by checking for downtime across different regions by having numerous servers in place across the globe. 

Not only the free website monitoring apps may not do multi-location monitoring but also they have other limited functionalities. Free tools for web monitoring service typically do not offer valuable information regarding the specific issues faced by the site or what can be done to remedy them. Such information is helpful in reducing the downtime issues faster.  The free monitoring service only offer limited reporting and do nothing to identify the real issues. Free site monitoring may also not alert site owners with the most convenient communication method about the downtime problems. For example, they may offer only email alerts and not offer SMS alerts.  

For all these reasons, the site owner is better served by opting for a premium and paid website monitoring service that can help in detecting the underlying issues and coming up with a proper picture of site performance in different locations around the globe. By having such multi-location website speed and performance monitoring in place, it is possible to increase the performance of the site and deliver faster website and superior site performance to visitors. Such services help in reducing website downtime and help to make sure that site visitors in all parts of the globe can have superior user experience with the site.