The Growing Importance of Website Monitoring Service for All Business Types

Business establishments that have websites to enhance their presence on global basis, need to maintain good site uptime to avoid interruptions in their service. Basically, if website is a part of marketing strategy that is helping the business grow, then it is essential to keep the site functioning round the clock. But today, the risk of website going down has become a growing concern for every industry not particularly to e-commerce businesses. Irrespective of the size and type, a downtime or performance issue can affect every aspect of the business if proper tool is not employed to keep a consistent check on its site functionality. It is unlikely that businesses can have 100 percent uptime for their websites. Yet, by partnering with a quality website monitoring service they can track their site performance and have uptime monitor for ensuring maximum possible uptime.

Downtime Impacts on Other Website Types

Downtimes and performance issues are major concerns for businesses like e-commerce because they generate revenues through their websites. Even a few seconds of site disruption can cause significant loss to revenues and customer retention. But, the downtime impact may not be similar with other types of websites.
Some sites can be purely informational while others can be service oriented or educational & research. Besides, there are sites that government agencies run for the benefit of public such as community and library websites. Not to mention, today people are more into online communities where they interact with others socially or meet people who share their interests. When such critical sites go offline or become non-responsive to user requests even for few seconds, the impact can be more significant than mere revenue losses. The users may feel distressed due to unexpected inconvenience or setback in site functionality.

What The Users May Think of Those Websites?

The web traffic who have grown accustomed to fast loading of websites, may feel unhappy if the site experiences prolonged or frequent downtime. In general, many critical websites prepare ahead to mitigate the losses during such incidents. They try to keep contingency plans such as DNS redirect or secondary host to avoid complete disruption to their site functionality. Unfortunately, if the issue is complex and hard to track then the downtime can prolong to multiple days. This can cause a concern because the users may develop negative impression and migrate to other competitors with lesser downtime or performance issues. 

The Fail-Safe Mechanism to Avoid Website Discrepancies 

Since outages are common occurrences to all types of websites, the owners should plan ahead to use effective tools like website monitoring service to mitigate the downtime risks. As a part of their fighting strategy for downtime, they should employ a quality site monitoring service that not only keeps a track on uptime, but identifies & notifies the site issues before they ever become a major problem.