How a Multi Location Website Monitoring Service is Helpful?

When you have a business of global nature, it is quite normal that the business website will be accessed by customers from different geographical locations. Sometimes, websites have different versions where targeted content is served to the users based on the region or place. It is a challenge for businesses because they not only have to make their websites global friendly but have to optimize their sites for better speed and performance. That means, the website must work fine and provide good browsing experience to all the customers that are accessing the website from different geographical locations

Reasons for Regional Website Outages

Just because the internet allows businesses to reach out to the global users, it doesn't mean that the customers across the globe can always access their business websites uninterruptedly. The website may work fine at one place whereas it may have a downtime or outage at the other location. That means the accessibility & performance that the users experience with the website may differ from one region to another. It could be possible that the customer informing of the website outage at other region is experiencing an issue with the local internet service provider or the content delivery networks. For a business catering global customers, it is essential to make sure the website is functioning well from all locations.

How to Determine Location Specific Website Issues?

Typically, online businesses use free tools to test their website functionality from a number of different locations. However, these tools only allow to view the website working but do not help with identifying the real cause for site outages. These testing tools provide only conditional reporting, but do not offer help in identifying the real problem and alerting downtime issues. Choosing a service like website monitoring service would be wise to drill down the issue and have a clear picture on the site performance in multiple locations. More importantly, choose the site monitoring service that checks the site for downtime by multiple servers placed across different regions.

Why Multi-location Monitoring is Essential?

While searching for website monitor you may come across many providers with low quality service. Before making a choice, understand basically what type of service is needed to maintain the site continuity. If the site requires monitoring from several locations, then a service with multi-location monitoring is a wise option. With the monitoring servers placed across different regions across the globe the site will be watched continuously for downtime issues.