How Often Should You Monitor Your Websites?

A website delivers lot more benefits to online businesses than just generating sales. While having a website is essential for every business, keeping it accessible to customers is equally critical to provide good user experience. Many business owners today have realized the importance of website monitoring service in protecting their websites without any interruptions. The service helps to understand the pattern for recurring issues and also keeps a watch on website performance. If problem is identified in any of the website metrics, then it immediately raises alert before the issue becomes more complicated to resolve.

Importance Of Monitoring Frequency

Monitoring frequency is the time interval with which a monitoring service checks your website for its working and uptime. As a business owner, you aspire to have a continuous monitoring for your website because even a couple of minutes delay in identifying the issue may extend the problem resolving process. If you set monitoring services for lengthy time intervals, say for instance 10 or 20 minutes, then there will be too much elapsed time gap between the checks. Also, there will be less possibility of spotting the issue immediately because the service would be checking websites only at specified time intervals.

What Will be The Optimal Frequency to Monitor Websites?

The shorter the frequency interval is, the more effectively sites get monitored for uptime and other website metrics. Sometimes, site owners worry about the impact on their servers and bandwidth but a quality monitoring service will keep the effect very negligible. Very few services would give flexibility to choose the monitoring frequency and set intervals at which you want your site to be checked. In addition to that, if the service is offering monitoring interval as low as one minute then it would be a great added value to your website. Needless to say, when you are in online business, each minute of downtime equates to lost revenues. A quality monitoring service will minimize your downtime losses and alerts you immediately so that you can work on getting your site back online.

What Will be The Website Monitoring Price?

Exactly how much you need to pay for the service depends on the quality of service you select for your website. A good monitoring service can save your business from revenue losses by minimizing the downtime duration significantly. For instance, if the service you selected has a 10 or 20 minute monitoring intervals, and if each minute of downtime costs your business $100, then the loss that your website is incurring during ten minutes of downtime would be $1000. Of course, the actual loss in revenues would be much higher, when you include the time taken for resolving the issue. Apparently, if you have a monitoring service that checks your site parameters several times a minute, then your downtime losses will be relatively less expensive. If any issue is identified, the service would immediately bring it to your notice within seconds without any delay. So it makes sense to spend some reasonable price for a quality service rather than take the losses using a cheap monitoring service.