How a Quality Website Monitoring Works when Your Site Goes Down?

Website downtime can be equated to lost revenues and opportunities for organizations. During downtime the site goes offline and becomes unavailable to the user activity.  Downtime can negatively impact the experience of web users and their opinion on the business and its website. Hence, many businesses have figured it out that a solution like website monitoring service is a must to keep watch over the site's uptime and effectively minimize the downtime. It is a critical service to check website availability and get immediate notification of outages & issues. Before implementing any type of web site monitoring service for your online business, it is necessary to understand how a quality service works at the time of downtime.

Confirms Issue Before Sending Alert Notification

If it is a quality service, it doesn't bother you with wrong alerts. The service would do multi location monitoring and checks the site from different server locations. Before they send any alert message of a possible issue, they confirm the problem from multiple locations. If more than one location detects the issue you will be notified of the problem immediately. This ensures website monitoring from different locations and avoids false alerts.

Immediate Alerts About Outages & Issues

If monitoring service detects any problem with your website such as site not responding or not functioning properly, the service will alert immediately. Not only will you receive the alert of downtime, you will also get a detailed report on different website metrics. The sooner you are notified, the faster you can work on fixing whatever is causing the problem. This will allow you to respond quickly to the situation and take measures to put the disaster recovery plan in place. You can display a custom error page on your website or communicate through social media to keep the customers informed about the issue and let them know that you are on top actively addressing the issue. Sometimes, the alerts would go unnoticed if the email is down or the device is on silent or powered down. A quality service allows flexibility in configuring the alerts in a manner convenient to you. They provide multiple notification options to make sure you promptly receive the alert message in an option you prefer.

Redirects DNS using Webhooks

Rather than just alerting the customers, a quality services also help in addressing the downtime issue by providing some useful tools. Webhooks is one such technological tool that helps in automating the occurrence of actions to ensure site continuity. When a monitoring service having webhooks feature is chosen, the service would help configure the webhooks to redirect the DNS to secondary host. The feature helps to change the DNS entry for the website during the outage so that it would point to the IP address of the backup server. When the issue is resolved, the feature would help to change back the site to the original IP address.