Public Server Status

A.k.a. Publishing Tags

If you want to show the status and uptime of several devices (servers or routers, etc.) at once, organize them using a tag, and then publish the tag with a public URL. This allows you to control which devices are seen publicly. The status page will display your device Short Name or Full Name, Status, Status Time, Response Time and Uptime. Response Time is the average response time for the last 24 hours in the preferred region for each device (North America unless you request otherwise). Uptime is the uptime percentage for the last 365 days.

Public Server Status

About Tags

Tags allow you to categorize your monitored devices in different ways. Once devices are tagged, you can view them from the main Devices tab and even put them in maintenance all at once. You can run reports according to tag and you can publish the status of tagged devices. In the example above, a tag named "Various" has been published. To organize your devices, go to the Devices tab and click Edit Tags. Create a tag (give it the name you want displayed publicly) and add devices to the new tag.

How To Publish Tags

Once you've organized your devices you can publish a tag using one of these methods:

  1. From the Edit Tags page, click Public Settings.

  2. From the Devices tab, select your tag from the dropdown on the left that defaults to All Devices, and then click the Public Settings button.

Either way, you'll end up on the Make Tag Public page. Now just click the Publish button. Copy your public URL and post it anywhere you like. Don't forget to share your server status on social media using the convenient buttons at the bottom of the public page.