Top 5 Reasons Why Your Site Needs Website Monitoring

In the current digital age, web-sites are an inherent part of your business and their performance is crucial to not only survive but also thrive in the market place. But, do you know how your web sites and blogs are performing? If the web pages fail to satisfy the online users in terms of speed and availability, your business will not only lose credibility but also lose leads and sales as well. In addition, your site could lose its good rank positions in the search results due to slow speed and poor user experience.

These factors make it important to ensure that your web site is properly functional and is constantly available online. It is manually not possible to keep a consistently watch of your site 24 by 7 and 365 days a year. There are specialized web monitoring service providers who can do this job for you.

Website Monitoring is the process of checking the web pages at regular intervals. These service providers will not only help you to know whether the web pages are available but also to test if the site is fully functional. It will also ensure that the potential customers are not facing unexpected downtime. The net result is that the site monitoring tools help to improve your website uptime. There are a few additional reasons why you need to use a web site monitoring tool.

Site Monitoring Helps Maintain a High Performance Website

According to various studies, for online business web sites the speed of the site and the performance of web applications have emerged as major business issues. If a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load, internet users will typically leave such low performance web-sites. A slowdown in speed may cause your site visitors to be dissatisfied. They could switch to a competitor at that moment, causing lost business. A good monitoring service will quickly identify the performance issues and alert you. Website monitoring Tools will analyze multiple factors and pinpoint the areas that need to be rectified in your site. As a result, you can quickly address and resolve the issue before it significantly affects your business.

Reduce Website Downtime and Resolve Issues Quickly for Improving Uptime

Your web-site may be good and fully functional. That does not mean that it will never go down. Even the top sites have not been up all the time. It is the reason why you need web monitoring service. The monitoring service will constantly check your site uptime and alerts you whenever the site experiences downtime. You can get your site back online with quick response.

Keep Customers Aware of Site Downtime Issues

When your site uses a web-site monitoring service, you are alerted whenever it goes down. Irrespective of the promptness with which you may address the problem, it will take some time to fix. During that period of time, visitors to your site will experience downtime. At those times, you can make the customers aware of issues with your website uptime on your social media account. Alternatively, you could put a page on your site with a sentence or two on the site downtime issue. Such information sharing with the customers will leave them less frustrated. Many visitors may appreciate the message that conveys issue is being resolved. It has a great impact on customer satisfaction.

Helps Retain or Improve Good Search Engine Rank

From 2010, Google has started considering page load time in the search ranking algorithm. If your page is taking much time to load it is quite possible that your site will lose rankings in the search results. According to Google, ideally a webpage should load faster than two seconds. Through monitoring service, you will get to know how fast your web site loads. You can compare data overtime to see if there is any change in speed.

Gain Peace of Mind With Website Uptime Tracking Tool

When a reliable uptime tracking tool is regularly monitoring your web-site, you do not have to check the status of your web site manually from time to time. As the service monitors your site round the clock from multiple locations, you will be alerted even if there is a minor issue. Website downtime causes a negative impact on your earnings from the site. A quality website monitoring service helps reduce your anxiety during regular times and during downtime helps you to promptly act to regain website uptime.

A quality website monitoring solution for your site is imperative to maintain your site’s brand reputation, customer satisfaction and to increase revenue.