Website Monitoring - Additional Features Provided By Good Service Providers

There are many website monitoring service providers, some are even free. However, the comprehensiveness of the features and the quality of the monitoring can differ widely from one provider to another.

There is a false impression among many website owners and site admins that the site monitoring only provides one simple type of uptime monitoring. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is possible that with free monitoring services and free trials there may be limited features. A premier website monitoring service provider now offer a comprehensive set of features. The premier service may come at a small investment. For any good website opting for a quality site monitoring service is worthwhile investment.

The service company offering just only an uptime measure fails to provide a holistic view of website performance. And without such metrics it becomes difficult to understand what is happening on your website. There are many dimensions to quality for a website monitoring service, the following will help give you an understanding of this topic.

Downtime Monitoring and Providing Possible Causes of Downtime

The basic service that you get from every provider is uptime monitoring. However, fool proof methods you adopt for your website, over the long run it may suffer outage at some point of time. But, it is vital to know when your site is unavailable. With a monitoring tool working round the clock, you will be notified about the outage immediately after it happens. A good website monitoring provider will also help to locate the cause so that you can start resolving the issue in the right path.

Website Monitoring From Multiple Geographic Locations

Websites open up the opportunity for national or even global e-commerce. Just monitoring a website from one location is not helpful. You may have visitors from different parts of the country or the world. You will like to ensure that your site is always working in all your major geographic markets. Premier site monitoring services monitor your site’s availability from different geographic regions.

Real User Monitoring

When a provider offers real user monitoring, different metrics are measured during actual end user interactions. Nothing can match the data collected from the real users. As more and more online businesses understand the value of customer engagement, they aim to enhance the visitors’ experience with their site. Therefore, like most online businesses you are now interested to know how the visitors will interact with their site than just the technical statistics. This is especially true if yours is one of the sites where the content frequently changes. It can directly impact on whether the visitors will convert to customers or move away from your site.

Internet users expect from online businesses a fast and streamlined experience. However, attractive their marketing strategies are, they will leave the page if they fail to meet their expectations. Analyzing how visitors experience your site based on the different parameters, you can make changes and deliver superior user experience and performance. You can always enhance your site’s performance based on the data collected from the actual users.

Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Synthetic or active website monitoring does not really depend on actual web traffic. Scripts are used to replicate the actions of user behavior and site is tested for such conditions. This type of monitoring can provide an idea whether your website can achieve its desired goals. This is helpful when you are launching a new site or making some changes to your existing site. It is very important to test a website for expected volume of transactions and understand how it may work when real visitors browse through your site.

Avoiding False Alerts

The reason site monitoring works is when you have committed to stop doing your regular work as soon as you notice a downtime issue and attend to it. However, if a web monitoring service provides false alerts regularly it constantly disturbs you from the other important work you are doing and also unnecessarily increases your anxiety. A good website monitoring provider would work hard to reduce the false alerts.

Customized Contact Process

If your web site is a sophisticated one, that is a blend of several software tools, APIs and service providers. It is likely that multiple people are responsible for the various parts of the website. Sometimes, a downtime issue occurs on a part of the website. In such instances, there is a need to contact the specific person or persons who are responsible for those components of the website. Not all service providers have this feature, especially the free service providers lack this customized contact process functionality.

Integration With Other Software

Most successful businesses today use a variety of software to automate and manage their operational processes. A website monitoring service will integrate with such software to enhance the value addition. Premier website monitoring providers interface with 3rd party software to centralize event logging and alerting.

Quality Website Monitoring Service Gives Peace of Mind

Your website may be a blend of several software tools, apps, APIs and databases that have been integrated together to best serve your clients. It is best to continuously monitor your website to ensure it is working the way it should. It will be easier to solve any problem in your website when it is discovered early. An automated site monitoring service helps to identify downtime incidents quickly so that the process of resolution can be initiated faster than with manual monitoring. Many times, an early awareness of small problem can prevent the issue from developing into a major problem. With a quality website monitoring service keeping a watchful eye on a site, you can have peace of mind.