Why is It Important To Monitor the Performance of Mobile Websites?

After Google announcing a new version of their search algorithm for mobile searches, many online businesses have realized the importance of monitoring and improving the performance of their websites for mobile devices. While desktops, laptops and tabs are still relevant for accessing websites, the use of smartphones for internet has significantly increased in the past several years. The number of hours spent on mobiles for browsing websites is gradually becoming higher than the hours spent on traditional computers. This implies, website owners should also focus on performance and uptime monitoring of their sites for mobiles as it is increasingly becoming important in delivering better mobile end-user experience. One way of knowing how the site is working against mobile user demands is to use a website monitoring service. The information provided by the monitoring service will help online business owners to identify and address the challenges associated with mobile websites.

Change in End User Expectations

The key for success of any online business is to understand what users expect from your website. Today, end-users are less tolerant about poor web design, speed and quality of the website. They expect the sites to function equally on mobile devices the same way as in traditional computers and laptops. However, the performance of sites may not be consistent across multiple devices because the loading speeds of the websites differ based on the device used by the user. Websites that are not optimized for mobiles do not deliver a fast and positive user experience because of poor site performance. To meet the end user expectations for improved quality of websites across multiple devices, it is not only important to adjust the site layout to fit into the smaller versions but also critical to monitor website performance using website monitoring service.

How Poor Mobile Website Performance Impact Businesses?

Many online businesses do not focus on monitoring of their mobile websites when they have their standard website working fine. But, if the mobile version is too slow to load, it becomes competitor's advantage as the mobile users simply move on to other similar sites. Despite having a good standard website, businesses may lose their online customer prospects to competitors due to poor performance of their mobile websites. Nevertheless, by tracking the speed and effectiveness of their mobile sites using monitoring service, online businesses can minimize the negative effects of inefficient website functioning.

Website Monitoring Service for Mobile Websites

When it comes to analyzing and tracking mobile websites, the approach is similar to monitoring traditional websites. The website monitoring service checks the working of websites on mobile devices by tracking the performance of the custom APIs used by the mobile sites and applications. When defect is identified that is causing the mobile website perform low, it will be immediately notified to the site owner before it impacts user experience. By timely diagnosing the source for the issue, the business owners can work on strategies to resolve the problem and make their sites compatible for mobile end users.