Why the Website is Down - Troubleshooting Website Downtime

Almost everyone who runs an online business knows very well how disappointing it will be to experience downtime for their websites. If you are the website owner, it is the last thing you expect to happen because you are missing out on the potential clients and business revenues. There could be many reasons for a website failure - design, hosting, functionality, server issues etc. It is important to identify the downtime issue that is restricting your website from loading and working properly. Diagnosing the problem is less likely and difficult without an automated tool such as a website monitoring service.

Basic Methodologies Give Less Conclusive Results

Many times people ignore the importance of site monitoring and try their own methods to identify the problem for downtime. Those who have some technical awareness ping their websites or try to access the websites with different ISP. Well, these basic steps work only to some extent but cannot conclude the reason why the site is truly down. Many site owners have a wrong impression that by filtering all the possibilities they can narrow down and figure-out the exact cause for downtime issue. These basic methodologies can check connection errors between the device and the internet service provider but cannot determine random problems that usually occur with hosting servers, errors with programming code and network issues. Many times, website problems are caused by these random issues which are somewhat difficult to track and identify by simple manual methods.

A Single Tool to Monitor all Website Parameters

This makes website monitoring an important aspect in maintaining the website continuity and steady performance of any online business. Prevention and quick resolution of downtime issues is critical for websites, otherwise the businesses may incur losses in productivity. Website monitoring is not only about alerting when there is an issue with the website but it will also monitor server and site performance using a single interface. It tracks many parameters that are related to website functioning from site design to hosting, server functionality to network services. An error occurring in any one of these aspects can cause an issue with the site availability and uptime.

Website Monitoring Service Helpful to Non-Technical Business Owners Too

The websites that are using monitoring service are very well aware of the benefits of having a defense tool employed in protecting their websites against downtime issues. However, the best part is, by using a website monitoring service even non-technical business owners are able to track the data about their servers and networks that are associated with their websites. The moment the owner signs up for the service and creates a website monitoring account, the website is under surveillance for downtime issues. The service also allows site owners to choose the way how they want to get notified when a website outage happen.