Website monitoring with Alertra just got easier and more effective

We know how important website uptime is to you. But, we also know you’re busy and don’t want to spend all day monitoring website performance reports.

So to make life a little easier for you and to reduce the time you’re spending thinking about web monitoring, we’ve added a few new features to help you manage your devices.

Perform multiple actions at the same time

No one likes to repeat the same action again and again (we have robots for that these days). It’s the same when managing the devices you’re monitoring for uptime performance.

That’s why we have introduced a new feature. Simply use the ‘change settings on all devices’ button to perform similar actions on multiple devices, such as master device designation, check frequency, notification schedule to use, etc.

If you’re only monitoring one or two devices, you may not have had this problem. But, we know many of our clients are monitoring a large portfolio of devices and this new web monitoring feature will make life easier.

Instant web monitoring with Alertra groups

Your devices will now appear in a number of default groups: All, OK, Down and Maintenance. This means that at the click of a button you can see exactly which of your devices are experiencing problems. Or, likewise, Alertra can tell you instantly which devices you have assigned as under maintenance.

Get in control of your website monitoring service with ‘labels’

If group names are not enough for you, we’ve also given you the ability to create your own labels. That gives you complete control about how you name and organize your devices, making them easy to view and update. Just simply select ‘New Label’ and assign as many labels to a device as you like.

That means you can now group your devices in a way that matches your way of working. Label them by function, by type of device, by global location or maybe as a group that you typically put into maintenance at the same time. It’s entirely up to you.

So just a few changes to give you more control when managing your devices.