6 reasons why you need website monitoring

  • 1. You should know when your website is down before your customers. This is a simple but vital idea. Not only can resolve the problem as quickly as possible. It also means you can manage the customer experience. You can use social media or other forms of communication to let customers know what is happening and that you’re in control of the issue. This means you’re positively managing your company’s reputation. The alternative is annoyed or frustrated customers tweeting and blogging about your company in a negative light. Web monitoring lets you know about a problem before anyone has a chance to complain or moan. And in today’s social media world this makes a big difference.
  • 2. Website downtime happens to everyone at some point. So don’t think of it like an illness that you may or may not get. Your website will experience some downtime and when it happens you need to know about it. And as quickly as possible. Get notified by your web monitoring service as soon as your website has gone down. You can then focus on getting your website back up and running.
  • 3. You company’s reputation is important. But with the rise in power of social media tools, your reputation can be damaged quickly. Even some of the biggest web companies experience reputation damaging website downtime. Facebook, Amazon, Sony and Twitter – you name it; they have all experienced downtime for significant periods of time. Website monitoring allows you to identify problems before your target audience does.
  • 4. A slow website means you’re losing customers. In today’s world web users expect lightening fast page loading times, if they have to wait more than a couple of seconds, impatient and busy people will click back to Google and choose one of your customers – faster than you can say ‘bounce rate.’
  • 5. Web monitoring is like an insurance policy for your website. Being unaware that your website is down can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Every minute saved is money in your pocket. So a web monitoring service is a cheap way to protect your website revenues and company reputation from unexpected downtime.
  • 6. Even with uptime rates of 99% that still means you website is down for 3.65 days a year. What if one of those days coincides with a major promotion you’re running, or with a seasonal holiday (like Christmas) that generates a large number of sales.

So why should you choose Alertra for your web monitoring?

  • 1. We give you 30-day free trial, so you can experience all the benefits of our service before making your final decision.
  • 2. Show off your uptime statistics on your own websites for any of the devices you’re monitoring with Alertra.
  • 3. When you sign up you get instant activation. No waiting: just quick, easy and effective web monitoring immediately.
  • 4. No software installation required. Just sign up and you’re ready to go.
  • 5. Our simple, intuitive and easy to use control panel allows you to monitor all aspects of the devices and websites you attach to your account.
  • 6. We notify you by phone call, SMS text, email, instant message and even pager. Just let us know how you want to be updated and we’ll let you know the very minute your website experiences any network downtime.
  • 7. We send you a weekly uptime summary email that gives you the previous week’s stats.

So the benefits of website monitoring are clear and, hopefully, we’ve given you a couple of great reasons to choose Alertra. We look forward to helping you.