Anonymous Is as Active as Ever: Hacktivist Group Takes Revenge on Delhi Police by Taking Site Down

Most of us know about the horrible incident that occurred in Delhi and the majority of the public wants the rapist to be punished. There was a mass protest, where people came to express their opinions publicly in the harsh weather. Police, however, didn’t seem too happy to see the protestors. Instead of working on finding the culprits behind the rape, the police were busy hitting protesters with sticks, firing a water cannon and throwing tear gas shells.

Anonymous Takes Over

The police may have put a stop to the activities of the protesters, but Anonymous was not going to let it go at that. After all, you can’t hit what you can’t see. We’ve said it before, Anonymous has become the vigilante justice of the Internet. You don’t have to do something online to upset them. You just have to interfere with people’s rights. So what did Anonymous do? They shut down the Delhi police department’s website.

When people tried to access the police department’s website, a message from Anonymous is what appeared – clearly stating who was behind the site outage and why it happened. What message did Anonymous leave? The group stated, “Who can stand in the way of freedom, if Anonymous is there to fight back?” The message of Anonymous is clear – they won’t sit by why people’s rights are violated, regardless of where that may be.

Comforting or Alarming?

So is it comforting or alarming that the websites of government agencies and authorities can be taken down without warning or any way to stop it? At Alertra we think it’s a little of both.

Someone’s still out there fighting for freedom. That’s never a bad thing. However, it does make one question the vulnerability of their own site. Is your site protected from hackers, downtime and malicious attacks? While you may never do a thing to turn the heads of those who make up the Anonymous group, there are hackers out there who don’t have the moral agenda that Anonymous has – hackers that will hack into your site just because they can or because they want the personal information of your customers.

Make Sure You’re Protected

Bottom line is this – Anonymous may be out there fighting for freedom, but other hackers are not. Make sure your site is protected. If a police department site can go down, then malicious attacks are more advanced than ever. Make sure your protection is as advanced as the attacks that may come your way.