Chunk Host Successfully Mitigates a DDoS Attack

Chunk Host, a provider of virtual server services, was recently the target of a DDoS attack. The services did indeed go down for a while, but the company was on the ball and took measures to correct the issue quickly while communicating their efforts to customers. It seems that their customers did indeed take the company’s efforts to heart. This is a perfect example of how proper communication can go a long way when your site is experiencing downtime (and a reminder that everyone is at risk of unexpected downtime, no matter how prepared you think you may be).

When Hackers and Trolls Run Amuck

Let’s face it – we live in a day and age when it’s not just cyber-terrorists who are intent on wreaking havoc on the Internet. Sometimes it’s that computer whiz of a teenager who lives next door or the 30-something hacker living in his mother’s basement. DDoS attacks happen all the time, and we rarely find out who’s behind them. Regardless of who launches the attack, the effects can be frustrating, to say the least.

Chunk Host was a recent target of a DDoS attack and Chunk Host customers were left wondering what had happened. As one Twitter member, Nnanna questioned, “Do you guys have an outage? I am unable to get to my website.” Chunk Host was quick to respond, stating, “We’re investigating packet loss at the LAX2 datacenter…”

Making Things Right

Chunk Host’s prompt and open communication was definitely not overlooked. Customers showed gratitude tweeting messages like, “Good to hear!” and “No wonder the waitlist for VPS slots is so long. You guys are BUSY.” While Chunk Host could have left customers in the dark regarding the attack, the company seems to understand that transparency is the best policy when it comes to maintaining customer relations and brand reputation.

Later in the day Chunk Host tweeted, “We mitigated a DDOS attack in the LAX2 datacenter. We’ll credit all affected accounts!” So not only was the company up front about what had happened, they fixed the problem and are granting all affected customers a credit to make up for the inconvenience. Who says that good, old-fashioned customer service has been lost in today’s Internet age?

When DDoS Attackers Strike

No matter where your site is hosted, it’s impossible to completely prevent website outages and server downtime. Whether it’s a planned outage or an outage that occurs as the result of an attack like the one made on Chunk Host, you can’t ensure 100% website uptime no matter how hard you try. The key is to communicate with your customers when downtime occurs. The way Chunk Host handled their recent outage is a perfect example of how communication can impact the way customers react to an outage.

If you’re an Alertra customer, you’re on the right track when it comes to mitigating damage caused by website downtime. If you’re site is experiencing an outage, you’ll know about it. Then you can take the steps necessary to communicate with your own customers each step of the way. In the world of business, whether it be online or off, customer service is still the key to success. Communication when things go awry is crucial if you want your customers to stay happy and loyal. The way Chunk Host handled the effects of the recent attack are a perfect example of this.