Communicating with Your Customers via Twitter

We all know that when customers aren’t happy about something, they tweet about it or go elsewhere on the Web to vent. There is no doubt, we live in a day and age when the littlest misstep that your business may make will be known about in seconds as facts and rumors travel at the speed of the Web with today’s latest social media technology. While some businesses may look at this as a bad thing, others understand the power of social media and put it to work for them instead of against them.

Bosweb Systems, a provider of search engine optimization and social media consulting, as well as other web-related services, took the right steps when their website experienced an outage last Friday. Since the company specializes in social media consulting, they understand the power of the various social media sites and they put that power to work for them when their site went down.

An Example of Proper Social Media Utilization

The message from Bosweb wasn’t long. It was merely a simple tweet in fact. That simple tweet did, however, communicate to the social media community that the company was on top of the situation and they were taking measures to correct it. As the message stated, “We apologise to our clients for the current website outage. We are awaiting answers from Adobe re this issue ASAP. More soon.” Short, sweet and to the point. And the company also held true to the promise. It alerted Twitter members of the progress being made as measures were being taken to get the company’s site back up and running.

If you are notified by Alertra that you are experiencing a site outage, instead of fearing what the social media networks are going to say about it, why not take advantage of the power of these services by using them to communicate with your customers? When customers know you’re working on the issue and are willing to communicate with them and update them, they’ll be much less likely to complain or take their business elsewhere.