Crazy Domains Goes Down – Customers Left in the Dark

Halloween is almost here. It’s a time for chills, thrills and nightmares. Crazy Domains customers, however, are currently experiencing the kind of nightmare that isn’t fun or thrilling. It appears that the Crazy Domains website is down, as are many (if not all) of the websites that are hosted with the company and the email accounts associated with those sites. Customers are being left in the dark – and we’re not talking about trick-or-treat dark. We’re talking about the kind of dark that leaves one lost, frustrated and angry.

Websites Going Down and Customers Are Left without Answers

Crazy Domains, an Australian company providing discounted domain registration and hosting, has been experiencing website outages and all of the sites that are hosted with the company seem to be going down as well. Customers are also complaining about problems with email accounts that are hosted by the company. Anyone who runs an online business knows that downtime is frustrating, but extended downtime without explanations and an inability to communicate with customers via email is a nightmare that no one wants to face.

What Happens When a Company Refuses to Communicate?

There’s no doubt about it – when a customer is not happy they are going to talk, tweet and post their experiences on their Facebook page. That’s exactly what’s happening with Crazy Domains customers. The websites hosted with the company are apparently experiencing repeated downtime and issues with email accessibility and Crazy Domains customer service doesn’t seem to be interested in communicating with their customers or providing explanations.

The effect of the lack of service can be seen across the Web. One Crazy Domains customer, Madeleine Burke, tweeted “Ok 1 hour. I give up. You win @CrazyDomains you win. However I am convinced there's no one on the other end.” Another customer, Clare Kelly, tweeted, “Just had a horrible experience wd crazy domains/hosting! On hold 4 ova 4 hrs & the 'help' desk hung up on me when I asked 4 their name 4 ref.”

There were plenty of other complaints like these being tweeted throughout the week. Just yesterday Twitter member @theloudesttweet tweeted “Our emails are down AGAIN. Same y'day! Can't even get to yr website 2day to check network status.” And Madeleine Burke tweeted again yesterday stating, “I'm about to scream. Finally got a reply from @CrazyDomains and they obviously only read the first three words of my email.”

Obviously, customers across the web aren’t happy with the experiences they are having with Crazy Domains’ services.

Where Did Crazy Domains Go Wrong?

We acknowledge the fact that bad things happen to good hosting companies. Websites will go down and sometimes there is no way to prevent it. What you can prevent, however, is unnecessary levels of customer frustration. How? By communicating with your customers.

The fact that services are not available is definitely frustrating, but we here at Alertra don’t think that’s what is making Crazy Domains customers so mad. It’s the lack of communication and poor customer service that is causing the lashing out and damage to the company’s reputation.

Bad Examples Can Provide Good Lessons

What can you learn from all of this? First and foremost, understand that if something happens to your hosting provider, you may not be able to communicate with your customers via email. Make sure you have a backup plan. Get out there in the social media world and create a Twitter account and Facebook page. If your site goes down and you can’t receive or reply to customer emails, communicate with your customers via Facebook and tweet your updates. As we can see, a lack of communication can really damage the way your customers view your business.