Crazy Domains Is At It Again: Widespread Site and Email Outages

Back in October we discussed how it is possible for your website to go down through no fault of your own. When things go awry at your hosting company, you either have backup hosting in place or Tumblr pages and other social media tools to work with or you are at the mercy of your site host to get things back up and running in a timely manner. Unfortunately, similar to what we saw back in October, Crazy Domains is at it again. Customers are infuriated as their websites are going down along with email servers. To make matters worse, Crazy Domains reps don’t seem to be responding with much help at all.

A Repeat of Halloween Horrors

Back in October we discussed the Halloween season nightmare that some Crazy Domains customers were experiencing when their sites went down due to outages caused by Crazy Domains’ hosting. Now the holiday season has come upon us and Crazy Domains is at it again. Customers are being left in the dark as their sites and email servers go down. Perhaps this is their own take on the “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie?

Members of the Twitter Community are Enraged

There is definitely a buzz about what’s going on with Crazy Domains. More than a few people have tweeted their opinions on what is happening. Aaron Boyle tweeted, “When they called it @crazydomains they weren't joking... our email sever keeps crashing & being kept on hold this long is driving me NUTS!” A newer Crazy Domains customer, John Elliot, tweeted, “CrazyDomains is proving incredibly annoying already. I’ve been with them for roughly one day.” And there were plenty more comments, with tweets like “It's probably time for Crazy Domains to consider changing their name to Lazy Domains. #biz” and “#crazydomains Am I dreaming??? It's barely a week & the email service is down again! When will it be fixed @CrazyDomains ?”

Other hosts have had outages without such an uproar, so why is Crazy Domains’ outage proving to be such a frustrating experience for their customers? Well, one thing we noticed is that while plenty of Twitter members are using Twitter to vent their frustrations, Crazy Domains hasn’t seemed to tweet a single word. Another issue is their customer service – or lack of it. As Aaron Boyle tweeted yet again, he stated, “Absolutely appalling customer service from @crazydomains. On hold for half an hour & no apology for the wait, & then the rep hangs up on me!”

What to Do When These Things Happen

As an Alertra customer, you’re notified immediately when your website goes down. If you experience frustrations like those being experienced by the Crazy Domains customers above, you may want to think about switching hosting providers. After all, every minute of downtime equates to lost profits. If your web host is costing you profits in addition to the fees you pay them, it’s time to go elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is taking the lead from one Twitter member, Angelique Lee, who updated her website followers tweeting, “My website / email is currently down due to Crazy Domains hosting outage. Hopefully they'll sort it quickly!”

Social media sites are at your disposal. Use them to communicate with your customers when your site is suffering an outage. As we’ve seen in the past, a little communication can go a long way.

While we can’t say exactly what happened or why when it comes to the Crazy Domains issue (because no one is giving answers) we can tell our customers that this is not how you want to do business and this is definitely not how you want to interact with your customer or client base.