What Do GoDaddy and Guy Fieri Have in Common?

When one thinks of Guy Fieri, they usually think of the popular Food Network television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives or the amazing Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, which Guy Fieri has very recently opened. So what does the famous television host and restaurant owner have to do with GoDaddy.com?

While the GoDaddy outage may seem like old news, it becomes more apparent every day just how many people were affected by the 15-hour outage and the impact that the resulting downtime had on business operations. In fact, Guy Fieri himself was affected – or at least his restaurant was. In an event of unfortunate timing, Guy’s new restaurant and its menu just happened to go live while his website was experiencing downtime due to the issues that GoDaddy was experiencing. Fortunately, because people were aware of and on top of the outage, a twitter fan made Buzzfeed's Katie Notopoulos aware of the website outage and Katie went to work to host the menu for the new restaurant elsewhere until the GoDaddy issues were resolved.

Had Katie not been made aware of the website issues, the new restaurant site and Guy’s menu would not have been live during the restaurant’s opening and one can only imagine the impact that would have had on Guy’s opening day. This just goes to show you that even the celebrity elite can be severely affected by website downtime if they aren’t made aware of it.

It seems that Katie came to Mr. Fieri’s rescue during this downtime event. Nothing, however, can replace the effectiveness of the notifications that Alertra clients receive when websites go down – and they do go down, whether we like it or not. The key is in knowing when a site is experiencing downtime and taking measures to correct the problem – like Ms. Notopoulos did for Mr. Fieri.

Of course while you can’t count on followers or fans to rescue your site in an emergency; you can count on Alertra to notify you when an outage is occurring so you can take the measures you need to take in order to ensure that the public isn’t missing out on vital news and information that your business needs to share.

In the end a disaster was prevented for the new restaurant and that’s what really matters. We find ourselves wondering, however, if Guy Fieri was affected, just how many other businesses were affected by the GoDaddy outage as well? Perhaps businesses that didn’t have a Katie Notopoulos to come to the rescue or Alertra services to make them aware of the downtime didn’t walk away so unscathed? The GoDaddy outage may be history, but its effects don’t seem to be over just quite yet.