J!OSCAR Winners Announced at the J! and Beyond 2012 Conference

Did you know Joomla has its own Oscars? Well actually O.S.C.A.Rs - Open Source Creative and Aritistic Recognicition awards. These OSCARS are awarded at the annual J! and Beyond conference held this year in Bad Nauheim, Germany. We thought we’d take a look at what sort of Joomla winners were announced this year.

JCE Homepage

JCE won for Free Joomla Add-on. It is a content editor to make creating and editing content in Joomla easy. It creates an office like experience for Joomla authors making it easy to insert images or links. The free version is offered under the GNU/GPL license but a subscription is available with access to additional add-ons to make it even more powerful.

ACL Manager Homepage

For paid, or Commercial Joomla Add-on, the award went to ACL Manager. This winner offers a single page overview and control over permission settings, simplifying the management of users and content. It helps you keep track of your defined groups and permissions and corrals the complexity of the native ACL by simplifying the interface.

Cloudaccess.net hompage

The Joomla Services OSCAR went to Cloudaccess.net. They offer Joomla! as a Platform-as-a-Service. Basically they're a hosting company specializing in hosting Joomla! sites and Joomla! training.

The e-commerce website award went to Norweigan Kaffekapsler.no that sells coffee capsules for the Caffitaly coffee system. Google translate does a pretty good job of making it so you can read the site - but that’s not what the award is about. Check it out to see for yourself.

These are a few of the award winners at the J! and Beyond Conference. You can see the full list on the conference website.

Do you have a favorite add-on or website that should’ve won instead?