The Next Web Development Paradigm Shift

As the world moves toward more cloud based services and applications, as well as mobile devices, the old web-server centric view is changing. It’s being driven by the need to create solutions that work on devices that aren’t always connected to the server.

To meet this demand HTML5 and Javascript are the way of the future. Together they let developers use the “thin server” model to ensure users always have access to the applications and data they need.

This shift in development is being compared to the similar shift from C++ to Java around 15 years ago. An article in eweek.com, Oracle’s Vice President of Development, Cameron Purdy compared the situation to a “perfect storm”. The article is quoting him from the QCon New York 2012 event where he discussed how this transition is occurring and where it will likely lead.

The paradigm shift is creating opportunity for some companies. The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch covered a story about Gizmox, a company that has developed a way to extend the traditional client/server application into HTML5 and mobile devices. The technology allows any developer using Visual Studio to take the application to the cloud or mobile and HTML5 rather than having to completely rewrite applications. They’ve released a Preveiw edition of their Instant CloudMove Transposition Studio so developers can try it out for themselves.

So what do you think? Is this really a “perfect storm”, or just change as usual?