Were Romney’s Tax Returns Really Stolen?

Regardless of your or my political affiliation, this bit of news is interesting.

An anonymous group, not to be confused with Anonymous, is claiming that they have hacked into and stolen Romney’s tax return information.

The first indication of these actions was a post on Pastebin.com explaining what they did, followed shortly by another post with the actual ransom demands.

Did I mention that they’re asking a whopping $1 million for the whole deal?

Whoever did this is claiming that they had help from inside PriceWaterhouseCooper, the accounting firm where Romney’s information was held, and then hacked into the computers, put all of the records on flashdrives, and mailed one to Republican and Democratic parties.

The Secret Service is looking into the matter to see if it even happened, or if it’s just an elaborate scheme to make a quick million. So far there is “no evidence” supporting the theft, but I guess we will find out eventually.

Besides, if this is just a scheme, it sure is a lot of trouble to go to just to cause some drama.

We can just wait with baited breath to see what happens next!