A Sampling of IT Humor

You know all this IT stuff can get awful serious sometimes. Training, deployments, integration, technical support, development schedules, monitoring – I’m tired. Are you? Everyone deserves to have fun once in a while don’t they? So today’s post is dedicated to having fun with IT. After all, if we can’t make fun of ourselves, is it really fair to laugh at everyone else? (You know, those other people who call the tech support lines.)

You’ll appreciate these if you’ve ever worked in…

Software development:

"Hey ! It compiles ! Ship it !" gdargaud.net

Code Comic

Comic from: geekandpoke.com

Technical support:

"I can't uninstall it, there seems to be some kind of 'Uninstall Shield'." - gdargaud.net

Helpdesk: Double click on "My Computer"

User: I can't see your computer.

Helpdesk: No, double click on "My Computer" on your computer.

User: Huh?

Helpdesk: There is an icon on your computer labeled "My Computer". Double click on it.

User: What's your computer doing on mine?

Project management:

Code Comic

From: Dvorak.org, Dvorak Uncensored

To bring the humor current, let’s poke a little fun at the clouds with jokes from thedailydose.com:

“Google, facebook, flickr, hotmail, and now Apple are feeding conspiracy theorists who fear government weather control by computing with clouds.”

“If your hot computing Cloud bumps into a cold computing Cloud, you get Lightning computing, followed by stormy computing and network outages.”

“Cloud computing should be named Cloudy computing, because it's precipitous, vague, messy, hazy and unpredictable.”

If you’re in the mood for some good cloud comics, check out the “Cloud Humor” section of cloudtweaks.com. The folks over there know how to look at the truth - and make it funny.

This is just a tiny sampling of the IT humor out on the net. But it serves as a good reminder we take ourselves all a little too seriously sometimes. Do you have a favorite resource that you escape to when the pressure gets too much?

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