How Web Server Monitoring Services Help Businesses

Monitoring services help business owners make sure that their website is always live and is performing properly. Apart from availability of the website, other installed applications like forms, shopping carts, etc. should also work properly. Broken forms and non-functioning shopping carts create insecure feelings among visitors who want to do business with you. This also results in decreased credibility of your business in the market. However, it is possible to avoid such situations by monitoring your web server continuously.

Server monitoring service is more than monitoring of websites.

As all the applications of the website are hosted in the web server, issues with the web server will result in non-functionality of these applications, in most cases. Apart from monitoring the uptime of the website, web server monitoring also tracks the working of installed services. Thus, the owner of the website has information about the downtime of even the simplest form in his website. Apart from downtime, server monitoring also enables to check for all the resources that impact the performance of the website.

Know performance of your web applications.

These days, technologies like videos, flash animations, power point presentations, interactive forms, etc. have become an integral part of websites. Though they help in impressing visitors, they consume lots of resources which may also lead to slow loading or downtime of the website. While the setup may work perfectly in ideal conditions, there may be exceptional situations like overload, DOS attack, etc. which may impact the performance of web applications as well as the website. Thus, it is important to assess the performance of your web applications prior to deployment, while running in normal conditions and under exceptional cases.

Monitor the uptime and performance of your website.

A good website is important for your business to grow. It is as crucial to retain existing visitors as it is to gain new ones. A website that frequently suffers from slow performance or downtime may leave its visitors frustrated; they may abandon the site. Thus, it is important to monitor the uptime and performance of your website regularly. It helps in identifying issues with the web server in time, so that you can rectify those issues before the visitors face them.

Improve performance of server and websites.

Improve performance of your server by identifying its bottlenecks. To improve server performance you can focus on HTTP compression and server-side and client-side caching. Memory cache, network timeouts, threads, download time and number of http requests are some factors that affect the web server performance. Using server monitoring services, you will know if there is an improvement in the performance of the website.

Maintain customer trust levels.

The trust levels of customers ensure customer retention and increase the number of visitors to the site. By improving the performance of your website and maintaining minimal downtime, using web server monitoring services, you can maintain trust levels among your visitors and gain an excellent reputation in the market.

It continuously monitors the health of the server and keeps sending alerts when needed. You can also improve website performance by identifying problems that impact server performance and resolve them in time. A performing website maintains trust levels among visitors and thus ensures customer retention as well as improved business.