It’s 3 A.M. Your website is down. Didn’t you get the email?

Your IT manager stumbles into bed after working extra long hours on a new project. The website and applications are launched, it all looked great, so he’s off for some well deserved sleep. Unfortunately, he’s so tired he forgot to plug in his cell phone. The new website encountered an issue and goes down at 2:58 A.M. The SMS and email alerts at 3 A.M. go unnoticed until he checks his email on his computer (the phone is now charging) when he wakes up.

Scenarios similar to this one can mean the typical alerts sent by most website monitoring services could easily be missed. Website monitoring services typically promise to send “instant” email alerts, and offer SMS messages with additional fees. Some services even offer social network notification via Twitter. But all these suffer the same problem. If your device is on silent, or powered down, or just forgotten at home, the bus, or work then the messages won’t be received.

The one thing that could easily remedy these situations is a simple phone call. Alertra is proud to announce we now offer Worldwide phone call notifications in addition to SMS, e-mail, Instant message, and even numeric or alpha pagers.

The ability to send alerts to phone numbers anywhere in the world means that someone, somewhere in your management team will receive the alert. Using a landline number significantly increases the chances that a real person will receive the message, even if they are fast asleep and their cell phone is off.

Alertra phone alerts consist of an automated phone call with a synthesized voice which reads the device name and status. Non-US customers, or those traveling, should contact our support to enable your country code.

If your website monitoring service doesn’t offer phone calls as a notification method, consider signing up with Alertra. You can give us a test drive for 30-days free.

We’d love to hear your horror story about a missed monitoring alert.