Why Has Website Downtime Become the New Norm?

As technology advanced and the Internet became a crucial part of doing business, many did not anticipate that website downtime would actually become an increasingly-common problem. After all, if the uptime of your website is critical to your business's bottom line, downtime should be anything but acceptable. Unfortunately, it seems as though website downtime is indeed becoming the rule rather than the exception. If you do business online, it's important to understand why website downtime is becoming a growing concern and why it seems to be getting worse rather than better.

Even the Giants Go Down

If you think it's just the smaller sites that experience website outages, you're sorely mistaken. Even the biggest of ecommerce sites, such as Amazon.com, are experiencing downtime that can cost millions. While an hour of downtime may not cost you as much as it does a website like Amazon, it will undeniably eat away at your profits, not to mention your customers' confidence in your site's ability to perform. No matter how big or small your site may be, website downtime is likely going to occur at some point in time. It's crucial that you know exactly when and why it is happening so you can take measures to correct the situation.

Why is Website Downtime Getting Worse?

Believe it or not, advances in website technology may actually be a contributing factor to increased website downtime. More and more sites are implementing different applications which may be hosted by different providers. If a website isn't configured properly, when one of these website elements go down, the entire site can go down with it. Cloud services are another factor that may be contributing to increased website downtime. An increasing number of sites are beginning to rely on cloud services. Unfortunately, cloud technology is still in its infancy and isn't always reliable. The very technological advances that are making our site bigger and better may also be causing them to be more unstable, resulting in increased downtime and lost profits.

What Can You Do to Prevent Downtime in the New Internet Era?

While you may not always be able to prevent downtime, you do need to know about any downtime the minute it occurs and you also need to research what is causing your site's downtime so you can take measures to maximize your website uptime. Alertra customers have access to website monitoring services that keep up with the newest technologies. Our customers know about website outages the moment they happen and they are made aware of performance issues that may result in downtime if proper measures aren't taken. If you don't yet have quality website monitoring service in place, not only do you risk being the last to know when your website goes down, but you also make it harder to determine exactly what may be causing your site's outages.