4 Reasons You Need to Put Website Monitoring into Place

Website monitoring services are becoming increasingly popular. A number of companies have realized the value of such a service and how the service can protect a business's bottom line. There are still, however, some online entrepreneurs who do not understand how a website monitoring company can help them succeed online or how it is relevant to their particular online business. Before you decide whether or not a website monitoring service is right for your site, there are some things you should consider.

1. All Websites Experience Downtime

It doesn't matter how good your hosting company is. At some point in time, your website is going to experience downtime. If you're on top of your game, you know the importance of finding out about website downtime the moment it happens. After all, the sooner you find out about downtime the sooner you can get your site back up and running. When you consider the fact that no website is safe from downtime, it becomes apparent that all online businesses need a quality website monitoring service in their corner protecting their site from unnecessarily prolonged periods of downtime.

2. Your Website May Be Up, But Is It Working?

You may take a quick look at your site and see that it's up, but that doesn't mean it's working properly. Statistically speaking, the uptime of a single webpage is going to be higher than the uptime of an actual application due to the fact that applications are more complicated than simple pages. As a result, it becomes necessary to not only monitor the uptime of your actual webpages, but to actually monitor the multiple processes and steps of your site. While this can be almost impossible to do manually, a quality website monitoring service can monitor both the uptime of your pages and the performance of your site, ensuring you know about any problems that may occur the moment they occur.

3. Your Website is Up, But Is It Fast?

As mentioned above, a quality website monitoring service won't only monitor the uptime of your site, but it will also monitor the performance of your site. If your site is up but it is running at a snail's pace, your customers are going to get frustrated. That frustration and impatience is going to lead to those customers leaving your site and doing business with a competitor whose site is performing up to their expectations. If you don't want to lose business to competitors with faster pages, you need a website monitoring service monitoring the performance of your site's pages.

4. Do You Know What You Customers Are Experiencing?

While everything may look okay on your end when you check the performance of your site, your customers may be having an entirely different experience. It is important that you are able to see how your site is performing and its uptime availability from the perspective of those who drive your business's profits. A website monitoring service allows you to see the uptime and performance of your site from this angle, which is much wiser than sitting in the dark and guessing at what may be causing that lull in your sales.