4 Reasons Website Monitoring Service is Mandatory for Online Success

You may have the best website in the world. Perhaps you have invested thousands into SEO services and have amazing content and a layout that makes your competition drool. You may be surprised to discover that if you do not have website monitoring services in place, your business may be going nowhere fast. Here are four reasons why you absolutely must have a quality website monitoring service in place if your serious about your online success.

1. Your Search Rankings Will Drop If Your Site Is Performing Poorly

Think Google only penalizes you if you don't optimize your site or your site experiences significant downtime? Think again. If your site is performing poorly, Google will penalize you for that as well, and all that money you invested in SEO is going to go right down the drain. With a quality website monitoring service in place, you can be sure your site is performing the way it should be and you'll be the first to know if that performance drops, before Google hits you for it. Since over 90 percent of purchases in many online industries begin with an online search, you definitely don't want your site's performance affecting your search engine rankings.

2. Protect Your Business's Image

Your website is primary when it comes to your business's image online. Poor site performance and frequent or prolonged downtime sends the wrong image to potential customers and clients. The only way to stay on top of downtime is to ensure that your site is performing properly and to ensure that you minimize any occurrences of downtime. The only effective way to do this is with quality website monitoring service.

3. Prevent a Loss of Sales

When your site is down, it's not making money, and money is the name of the online business game, after all. Every minute your site is down is a minute of potential sales being lost. Unless your business can afford to throw sales out the window, you need to know about website downtime the moment it happens and unless you have quality website monitoring in place, that is not going to happen.

4. Detect Hackers before They Can Do Damage

One thing that can lead to downtime and the nightmare of having your site blacklisted by the search engines is malicious hackers hacking into your site. Quality website monitoring service will notify you if something is going awry with your site, allowing you to take proactive measures to get things back under control so you can eliminate the threat before any real damage can occur.

Every business requires proper investments and partnerships with service providers to ensure success. One such investment and partnership is with a website monitoring service provider. Without proper monitoring of your site, you are leaving your business open to a number of threats and your profits may succumb to those threats without the right protection in place.