Alertra Uses Synapse Technology to Notify Customers of Website Downtime Sooner

When it comes to website monitoring, here at Alertra we understand that every second counts. No matter how big or small your site may be, any dollar lost to downtime is one dollar too much. That is why we have implemented Synapse technology to ensure that our customers are notified 75 percent faster than the competition, putting you ahead of the curve and saving you from lost profits.

What is Synapse Technology?

Let's say you use website monitoring service ABC and they check your site for downtime every 15 minutes. Technically, your site could be down for 15 minutes or maybe even more before you are made aware of the problem. With Alertra Synapse technology, however, that is never a problem. When you use Alertra's services to monitor your site, we send a small TCP SYN packet to your site's server every few seconds. If at any moment your server refuses our connection or doesn't answer, Alertra puts a full protocol check into effect.

What is a Full Protocol Check?

The full protocol check is how Alertra checks your site at the intervals our customers set, ranging anywhere from every 60 seconds to every 60 minutes. However, if the TCP SYN packet protocol fails, we put a full protocol check into effect immediately regardless of when the next check was supposed to be performed. We will check your entire system until we find the failure, monitoring an extensive list of protocols including HTTP, SMTP, POP3, TCP, ICMP, and more. If our monitoring station detects a problem, chances are your site is down, but just in case it is a local issue affecting our monitors, we check again from two other locations to ensure you don't receive a false alarm. Once we are sure the issue is on your server's end, we send you a notification. While this seems like a long and tedious process, it actually takes a matter of seconds to complete, ensuring that you are made aware of your site's downtime nearly the moment it happens.

We have said in the past that not all website monitoring services are created equal. The Synapse technology we put to work for our customers is just one example of this fact.