Earn Money Writing for Alertra!

Alertra is now looking for developers with superior writing skills to create tutorials for our RESTful API. If you can create well-written, easy-to-understand articles that demonstrate how to work with our RESTful API, we will pay you $50 for each published tutorial that you produce.

What Do We Need?

We need developers who can create tutorials that will show others how to accomplish an Alertra API task using a single programming or scripting language or any technology that can interface with HTTP-based API. Our goal is to show the public how easy and effective our API is in a variety of applications and environments. We need you to create tutorials that will convey that message and provide valuable instructions and how-to guides. First we are looking to have basic tasks covered. After that, the more creative you can get with your tutorials, the better.

What is Required from You?

In order for your tutorial to be published and accepted, it must be your own original work and cannot be published anywhere else (either online or offline). The tutorials must also be ready-to-publish in basic HTML. No custom styles or CSS classes are allowed. To make things easier, you can use markdown instead of HTML. If you are going to use images in your tutorials, be sure to host them on the Imjur.com website.

We also recommend that you include your personal pic and your bio in your tutorial. We do allow you to include one backlink in your bio, but no other external links are allowed. Also, make sure your code is tested before submitting the tutorial to us and proofread very carefully so you can ensure that your tutorial will be accepted for publication.

Our Approval Process

Prior to writing any tutorials for us, please send us a writing sample or a link to your published work. All emails can be sent to our Support Team. In your email, include the topic of your tutorial idea and place "Article Submission" in the subject line of the email. Alertra's Support Team receives a large volume of emails each and every day and this will ensure that your email receives high priority. Also include your personal bio in your email. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

How You Are Paid

You will receive $50 for every published tutorial that you create for us. As soon as we publish your tutorial online, we will send you payment for your tutorial via PayPal.

If you love technology and are a skilled writer, this can be a great opportunity to turn your knowledge into cash!