Improve Uptime Statistics with Better Web Hosting and Website Monitoring Service

Most website owners realize the importance of their website's uptime. After all, if your site isn't up your customers can't access it and you lose sales and profits. However, there are many ways in which your site's success can be adversely affected when downtime occurs. Exactly how does downtime affect your business's website?

Lost Search Engine Rankings

In addition to lose profits, you may experience lower search engine rankings if your site is experiencing more than its fair share of downtime or poor site performance. In the past, the load time of your site's pages didn't have an effect on your search engine rankings. Nowadays the search engines take page load times into account when the algorithms determine where your site will be ranked in their results. If your site is experiencing performance issue, the money that you have invested into SEO will be lost. In addition, you'll be losing out on sales that you would have received if your site had been ranked higher. This is just as devastating to your bottom line as the direct sales you lose during your site's downtime. So what can you do to avoid downtime and performance issues? Fortunately there are some ways to safeguard your site and your profits.

Secure Quality Hosting Services

In the world of hosting, cheapest isn't necessarily best. Sometimes you get what you pay for. You want to ensure that you have a web hosting package that can adequately meet the needs of your business's website and that you host your site with a reliable provider that won't leave you in the lurch with unacceptable amounts of downtime.

When looking for a hosting plan, you may want to consider a dedicated server. Shared hosting is often unreliable due to the fact that the same server hosts hundreds of websites. The server can become so overloaded that your site's performance will be affected. Your site may even go offline if the server becomes too overwhelmed. When you get a dedicated server, you eliminate this risk.

Implement Website Monitoring Service

Even if you have a dedicated server, Murphy's Law indicates that something will eventually go wrong with your site and you will encounter downtime. How do you know exactly how much downtime your site is experiencing, or the reasons for the downtime, if your site isn't being monitored? If you really want to protect your site from the adverse effects that downtime can cause, you need to ensure that you're on the ball when it comes to unexpected downtime and downtime patterns. The best (and most cost-effective) way to do this is with a quality website monitoring service.

Downtime is the nemesis of any online business. If you don't want downtime to affect your site's success, make sure you have the best hosting plan possible and that you implement quality website monitoring. These two steps can do wonders in reducing your downtime and eliminating any negative effects that such downtime will have on your business and your bottom line.