Just How Reliable is Your Web Host?

Your web host may boast an uptime ratio of 99.9 percent, but it's just a number. Where is the proof behind that figure? After all, anyone can come up with an imaginary figure and place it on the front of their hosting services page for all of the world to see. The question is, regardless of what your hosting provider is or is not willing to tell you, how do you know how reliable their service really is?

It's Not Just about Downtime Alerts

When you signed up for a website monitoring service (or when you finally realize that you really should have signed up and take the plunge) one of the main focuses of that service is to let you know when your site goes down so you can take measures to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. After all, website uptime is the key to online success and all businesses that run on the web, small or large, know that downtime equates to lost profits and damaged reputations. But knowing exactly when your site goes down isn't the only benefit that website monitoring service has to provide. A good website monitoring service should also be able to help you understand why your site is going down.

When the Host is the Problem

We live in a world where many an obstacle can bring a website crashing down. It's one of the many reasons why website monitoring services are so important. But what if it's not your fault the downtime is occurring? What if the frequent downtime your site experiences is due to the mere fact that your web host just isn't reliable? Well then, it's time to take matters into your own hands and move your site to a better, more reliable host – a host that won't cost you profits and hurt your online business's bottom line. The only way to know for sure exactly how reliable your web host is, is to turn to your website monitoring service. While these services provide a wide array of benefits and value, allowing you to see whether or not your web host is truly up to par is definitely one that is often overlooked.