Do You Need to Change Web Hosts to Avoid Website Downtime During the Holidays?

There is no doubt about it. The holiday season is when many websites make the bulk of their profits. The question is, can your webhost provide you with the uptime your site needs during this crucial time of year?

If Downtime Is an Issue, It Is Going to Get Worse

If your site has been experiencing more than its fair share of downtime due to complications with your hosting provider, chances are those problems will only become worse as the holidays approach and website traffic increases. Now may be the time to consider a switch in providers, before the holiday season actually hits, so you can keep your site up and running and generating profits throughout the holiday shopping mania.

How Do You Know How Your Site's Been Performing?

If you have website monitoring in place, you know how well your site has been performing. If you aren't having your site monitored by a reliable website monitoring service, your guess is pretty much a shot in the dark in regards to how well your site is holding up when it comes to downtime. If you have yet to put website monitoring service into place, now is the time to do so. If the monitoring service alerts you of downtime or performance issues over the next week or two, you can migrate your site before the most crucial days of the shopping season hit.

Not All Downtime is Create Equal

While all downtime can cost a company money, some instances of downtime are more costly than others. This is especially true during the holiday season. You do not want your site down for the count on the most important shopping days of the year. Keep an eye on the performance of your site and either upgrade hosting plans or change to a new web host altogether if you notice an upward trend in downtime in the coming weeks to ensure that your site can maintain uptime during the busiest days of the year.