Publish Your Site's Uptime Statistics with Alertra

In the world of online business, your site's uptime is a direct reflection of your business's reputation and reliability. If your site experiences an excessive amount of downtime, it doesn't bode well for the future success of your business. On the other hand, if your site has remarkable uptime statistics, how do you show your reliability and dedication to your visitors? The easiest way to boast your uptime success is to publish your uptime statistics, and that's exactly what Alertra can help you do.

When You Want the World to Know How Great Your Uptime Statistics Are

Alertra has released a new feature that allows users to publish their uptime statistics to a public webpage. You can then post the URL of your statistics page to your website, your social media sites, and more. For an example of what an uptime statistics page looks like, see this uptime statistics webpage.

Your uptime statistics page will show your visitors your site's current status, how many outages your site has experienced in the past year, and your site's uptime percentage. After all, when you are able to achieve an uptime ratio of 99.98 percent, you want the world to know about it. Alertra's new feature makes it easy for you to prove to your site's visitors just how reliable and effective your site really is.

Prove Your Transparency

Not only will publicly displaying your site's uptime statistics prove your site's reliability to your visitors, but it will also provide an indication that your company is open and honest with customers and the public. The fact that you are sharing your uptime history for all to see is a testimony to your company's transparency and honesty. Plus, your customers can trust the information you are providing as they will see the information is coming from a reliable third party and not your own statistics.

Don't Be Afraid to Toot Your Own Horn

When your business has accomplished something to be proud of, you have every right to share the information with customers and potential customers. An uptime statistics page is a great way to do this. While implementing such a page is a very simple step, the effect that the page can have on your business's reputation and goodwill can have a significant impact on your site's success. More info: Publishing Devices [http://www.alertra.com/articles/public-uptime-statistics/] Publishing Tags [http://www.alertra.com/articles/public-server-status/].