Still Don't Realize the Importance of Website Monitoring Services?

While the majority of website owners realize the crucial importance of having quality website monitoring service in place, there are still some who are not too sure whether or not they need it. There are even some who believe that the uptime guarantee of their website hosting provider is enough to prevent prolonged downtime of their websites. Before you decide you can do without website monitoring service in place, here are some things you need to consider.

First Things First

You may be thinking, "Well my website provider has an uptime guarantee of 99 percent. Why do I need website monitoring service?" If your hosting provider is offering you a 99 percent uptime rate, that is exactly why you need a quality website monitor. Uptime of 99 percent means 87 hours and 36 minutes of downtime a year. If you multiply how much every minute of downtime costs your particular website by that number, you may be a bit shocked at how much that 1 percent of downtime is really costing you. Even 99.9 percent uptime means 8 hours and 45 minutes of downtime a year. Can your business really afford to be down that often without knowing about it?

Don't Forget About Planned Downtime

If the figures above scare you, keep in mind that those are just unplanned downtime figures. That doesn't count the time that your site goes down due to planned maintenance or updates performed by your web host. When you combine the cost of planned downtime and unplanned downtime, it becomes increasingly apparent why you have to do everything you possibly can to decrease the amount of downtime your website experiences. That means putting website monitoring service into play.

How Does Website Monitoring Service Help

When downtime happens, you need to be notified the moment it happens so you can take action as quickly as possible to either fix the issue on your end or put your failsafe plan into action if the issue is with your web host. Website monitoring providers let you know about downtime the moment it happens, putting you in control of the situation, and not your web hosting provider.