Why Website Monitoring Service is Crucial During the Holidays

When the holiday season hits, along with it comes a flurry of holiday shopping. That means a huge revenue opportunity for ecommerce sites, as long as those sites remain up and running. If your site goes down for the count during the holiday shopping season, it is crucial that you find out about the downtime the moment it happens. This is where website monitoring service comes into play.

Some Downtime Costs More Than Others

Some instances of downtime can cost more than others. On a day of the year that your site isn't receiving much traffic or many sales, a few minutes of downtime may not seem like the end of the world. When the holiday season starts, however, and sales begin to increase, every single second of downtime can count and extended downtime can wreak havoc on your business's profits. That is why it is vital that you know about website downtime the moment it occurs and not a minute later.

Using Website Monitoring Service to Safeguard Your Holiday Profits

During the holiday shopping season, every minute a customer can't shop at your site equates to lost profits due to those customers going to your competitors to do business. You need to know about downtime when it happens, the moment it happens, not hours after the fact and your site has already lost untold profits. Fortunately with website monitoring service in place, you can be notified via email, phone, and SMS text message the minute your site goes down. That means that you can start working on fixing the problem or, if the problem is beyond your control and has to do with your hosting company, put your failsafe plan into place sooner rather than later.

What Should Your Failsafe Plan Entail?

If your hosting company goes down during the holiday shopping season, you need to have measures such as backup hosting and DNS services in place. Next week we will discuss exactly how to implement these plans in more detail. The first step is to ensure that website monitoring service is in place so you will know when you need to implement your failsafe plans if the worst does happen and downtime does occur when your site is at its busiest.