4 Reasons Remote Website Monitoring is a Must

When it comes to website monitoring, remote website monitoring has become a must. While there are scripts and plug-ins you can install on your website that will give you uptime stats, what online businesses need is an all-in-one solution that will monitor their sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, notifying the appropriate parties the moment a website goes down. If you still aren’t quite sure why you need remote website monitoring for your online business, here are some things to consider.

1. You Are Losing Revenue

For each minute that your site is down and you don’t know about it, your business is losing revenue. Depending on the volume of sales your site makes and how often your site is going down (and how long it stays down for), that can add up to quite the pretty penny over a year, let alone the lifetime of your site. If you don’t like throwing money away, remote website monitoring is a necessity.

2. Your ISP Won’t Do It For You

If you’re counting on your ISP to notify you when your site goes down, you are making a very costly mistake. Your ISP may alert you if there is an extended outage due to something on their end, but that is a big maybe. If the downtime is a problem within your site, your ISP isn’t going to say a word. Chances are they won’t even know it. Don’t count on your ISP to provide you the comprehensive protection you would get with a remote website monitoring service.

3. You Need To Be the First to Know

When your site goes down, you need early notification. You need to be the first to know so you can get to work fixing the problem or putting failsafes into place. Without a quality remote website monitoring service, finding out about downtime the minute it occurs is almost impossible.

4. Individual Services Need to Be Monitored

Oftentimes it isn’t an entire site that goes down, but rather it’s a single service or application on the site. You may be looking at your site online, thinking everything is fine, when in reality it’s not. This is why you need a remote website monitoring service monitoring all aspects of your website. Only then can you be sure that your site has a vigilant eye watching it all hours of the day, each day of the year.

It’s 2015 and most businesses have learned the importance of remote website monitoring services. If you have yet to be one of them, don’t wait until you learn the hard way. Put remote website monitoring service into place on your site and see the difference in can make in your downtime and your company’s bottom line.