How to Use Website Monitoring Services to Increase Your Online Profits

It has become evident that poor website performance can be just as damaging to your company’s bottom line as a complete outage of your website. In fact, poor performance may be even more damaging than website downtime in the long run. Fortunately, with quality website monitoring service in place, you can keep an eye on the performance of your site and if your site begins to perform poorly, you can take measures to improve your site’s performance and, therefore, protect or even increase your online profits. Just how can a website monitoring service increase your company’s profits? Here are some things to keep in mind…

What Optimal Performance Means for Your Site

Studies show that nearly 90 percent of online shoppers choose online stores that provide websites with high performance and a user-friendly interface. If a page on a site fails to load within 3 seconds, those users will give up and abandon the site. Among those, about 80 percent will not revisit a site with poor performance. In fact, 50 percent of the shoppers who visit a website with poor performance develop a permanent negative impression of that site. To make things worse, about 45 percent of those shoppers are more than happy to share their negative shopping experience with others. If your site is performing perfectly, this means that you aren’t losing customers and damaging your online reputation due to slow page load times and customer frustration. If, on the other hand, you allow your site to remain online while underperforming, you can be losing customers and credibility by the hour.

What Is the Payoff for Increasing Your Site’s Performance?

So let’s say you invest in website monitoring service that monitors your site’s performance in addition to checking for website downtime. What can you expect the payoff to be? To get an idea of what the payoff is, one must look to other sites who have done just that.

Let’s take Shopzilla for example. The company decided to speed up its average page load time from a whopping 6 seconds to an admirable 1.2 seconds. As a result, the site experienced a revenue increase of approximately 12 percent. In addition, page views increased by approximately 25 percent.

Amazon is another great example of how website performance can affect online profits. Each time Amazon speeds up its average page load time by 100 milliseconds, it sees a corresponding 1 percent increase in revenue. For a company as large as Amazon, that simple 100 millisecond difference equates to millions of dollars in profits captured each year.

The key to making money online is giving consumers what they want, and in a day and age where instant gratification is expected and demanded, consumers want a website with impeccable performance. A site that performs up to the expectations of visitors is the key to turning those visitors into sales.

Investing Where It Counts

If you want your site to make money online, you have to invest in your site. However, simply investing in your site’s design, branding, and marketing isn’t enough nowadays. Website monitoring service is one investment that can actually pay for itself. Investing in products and services that can improve the performance of your site is another investment that can provide a significant ROI. When it comes to strategizing your site’s growth and profitability, remember that these services aren’t necessarily just expenses. They are actually investments in the long-term success of your site and a website monitoring service can be one of the most powerful tools in your online success arsenal.