The Social Media World Grumbles as Facebook’s Mobile App Suffers Downtime

When most people think of website downtime, they usually envision ecommerce retailers or large desktop sites that suddenly go dark, but in today’s day and age, both mobile and desktop versions of websites and mobile apps are all hosted for many of the biggest online businesses. While website monitoring is in place for many of the online world’s desktop sites, mobile sites and mobile apps need to be monitored closely as well, as they too can fall prey to the inevitable darkness that we all know as website downtime. If you don’t have website monitoring service in place for your business’s mobile site or mobile app, Facebook’s recent fall may make you think twice about that decision.

Facebook Goes Dark

Yesterday Facebook’s main website seemed to be working just fine, as was the mobile version of the website. The mobile app, however, suffered a period of downtime and even though the downtime wasn’t prolonged by any means, it was enough to get the online community grumbling about the reliability (or lack thereof) of the social media company’s mobile app. Thursday afternoon the social media giant’s mobile app went down after experiencing technical difficulties, of which the causes were not made available to the public. This is the second time in two weeks that this has happened to the popular social media platform. To make matters worse, when the app was up, it was experiencing frequent interruptions. While the downtime did indeed cost the company profits in lost ad revenue, it also had another effect. As of midday on Thursday, the company’s stocks were down by 0.68 percent. This can be seen as empirical evidence that the uptime of your business is directly related to its profits and that website downtime definitely does not come without a cost.

The Evolution of Your Website Monitoring Service

If we have learned anything from this recent development, it is that the monitoring of your main website just isn’t enough anymore. The mobile version of your site and your company’s mobile apps also need to be monitored for downtime and performance issues. The sooner you are notified of downtime, the sooner you can go to work remedying it, on any of your company’s online platforms. Speedy notification means a speedy response, helping ensure that the hit to your company’s bottom line is as minimized as possible.