How Website Monitoring Service Can Help Mitigate the Dangers of Cheap Website Hosting Plans

When it comes to the products and services that your business uses, cost is obviously one of the contributing factors when deciding which products and services your business utilizes. Unfortunately, cheaper does not usually mean better and there has been much said about the dangers of cheap website hosting plans. Does that mean you have to spend an arm and a leg on your hosting plan to avoid these dangers? Fortunately, the answer to that question is, “Not necessarily.” By partnering with a quality website monitoring service, you can indeed opt for the cheaper hosting plans while keeping a handle on your site’s downtime and minimizing the website downtime that your business experiences.

What Are the Dangers of Cheap Website Hosting?

There are three main dangers associated with cheap website hosting. These top dangers include:

  • Frequent website downtime is one of the primary dangers of the cheaper web hosting services. Because the services are so cheap, these companies often have to cut corners and that corner cutting includes providing proper server maintenance. Without proper maintenance, a server (and the sites that sever hosts) are more susceptible to downtime. Sometimes the resulting website downtime happens without warning and often occurs for extended periods of time. Not only can this damage your business’s profits, but it can also damage your company’s reputation.
  • Another danger to consider is that oftentimes the cheaper hosting providers oversell their services, which means that they put too many of their hosting customers on a single server. Oftentimes this results in the websites on the server utilizing more resources than the server is capable of handling, such as Internet traffic overloads. This can also result in website downtime for your business as well as decreased website performance.
  • Unreliable support is the third major danger of cheap website hosting. This goes back to cutting corners in order to offer you the rock-bottom prices they drew you in with. Sometimes the cut corners include proper support staff. If an issue with your site does occur, the support staff that would be needed to notify you of the issue will not be there to do so. Worse yet, if you want to get to work fixing the issue, the hosting service you chose may not be able to offer the support needed to get your site back online in a timely manner.

How Website Monitoring Service Can Protect You from These Dangers

Since website downtime is proven to be detrimental to your website’s success, and downtime happens to be one of the primary themes in the dangers of cheap hosting providers, a quality website monitoring service is a must if you have opted to take the budget-minded route in terms of your website’s hosting provider.

Like all service providers, not all cheap hosting providers are created equal. With a quality website monitoring service in place, you’ll be notified of any downtime that occurs the moment it occurs, and you can therefore keep an eye on how often your site is going down and if changing website hosting providers is actually something that would be worth your while (and your company’s money).

In addition to keeping an eye on how often your site goes down, a quality website monitoring service will alert you when your site goes down the moment it goes down, each and every time. This allows you to get to work immediately, fixing the issue if you can or putting failsafe measures into place if necessary. This allows you to minimize the duration of the downtime that your site encounters as well as minimizing any resulting profit loss/.

And while your hosting provider might not have the support necessary to keep an eye on your site’s downtime or to help you through downtime issues, the website monitoring service you partner with will make the uptime of your website a priority. And since budget is likely a concern, you can rest assured knowing that this type of service actually pays for itself in the long run by protecting your website’s profitability by reducing the amount of time your site is offline and unable to make sales.

While going with the cheapest hosting provider is not always the best approach to your business’s hosting needs, you can minimize, if not eliminate, the dangers associated with cheap website hosting by partnering with a quality website monitoring service to ensure that your site’s downtime is kept to a bare minimum.