Should Your Company Brag About Its Uptime Statistics and Do Visitors Even Care?

When it comes to doing business on the World Wide Web, uptime is a major factor that is a very prevalent concern behind the scenes. When downtime occurs, a nasty domino effect can occur along with it. First, customers can’t access the website. Then, sales are lost. If the site is down too long, eventually your Google rankings can take a serious dive affecting future traffic and revenue. As such, anyone who actually manages and runs a website understands how important website uptime is. The question then becomes, once you achieve impressive uptime statistics, should you brag about them? Do your visitors even care about your website uptime statistics? Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to publish your site’s uptime statistics on the pages of your site.

To Brag or Not to Brag

The first thing to consider when deciding whether or not to brag about your uptime statistics on your site is whether or not you have something to actually brag about. If your website uptime isn’t that spectacular, you definitely don’t want to be advertising that fact to everyone who visits the pages of your site. You won’t want to publish any uptime statistics to your website until you actually have something worth bragging about. First you need to work to ensure your website uptime truly is stellar. Once you have achieved those shining website uptime statistics that you’d be happy to brag about, then you can decide whether or not you should publish those statistics to your website.  

Do Your Visitors Care?

The next question you may be asking is if your website visitors even care about your website uptime statistics. The bottom line is, yes, they most definitely do care. While they may not care if the statistics are actually published to your page, they will surely care if your site suffers frequent downtime or performance issues and they can’t access the features of your website when they want to. Most online consumers won’t wait around for your site to come back online if it goes down. If your site is suffering downtime, chances are the visitors trying to access it are going to move to a competitor’s site that is up and running and ready to give them what they want.

Since visitors do, in the end, actually care about your site’s reliability and whether or not it frequently experiences website downtime, then publishing your website’s uptime statistics is something you may want to think about. In the cutthroat environment of the Internet, you need to do everything you can to set yourself apart from the competition. Publishing your uptime statistics is one way you can do this, especially if your website offers a service such as banking services, gaming, or any other service that requires your site to be up for a customer to access what they have paid for. If you offer a subscription-based product and your customers need to be able to login to their accounts to use the service, publishing your website’s uptime statistics may be what is needed to give them the extra push to feel confident enough to do business with your company rather than handing their money to a competitor.

Even if your site is a basic ecommerce site, publishing your uptime statistics can only work to reinforce your site’s image of reliability and professionalism. Transparency is a large part of gaining consumers’ trust and if you are willing to publish your uptime statistics on your page, consumers are sure to appreciate the level of transparency that brings.

Bottom Line

Your company will need to grab every advantage it can to get ahead of the competition and set yourself apart from the other sites on the Internet that may be offering the same products and/or services that your site is offering. Making sure your site doesn’t experience unnecessary downtime and ensuring that your site is performing up to par is step one in ensuring that you aren’t losing customers needlessly. Publishing your website uptime statistics is a way to get your customers to acknowledge just how reliable your website is – especially since it is something they may have taken for granted had you not published the numbers. In addition to reminding existing customers why they do business with you, it is a terrific way to build confidence in those who are considering becoming customers but need that little push to get them to put faith in your website’s ability to provide them with the level of service they need.

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